celebrating over a decadeof BPO service excellence

celebrating over a decade
of BPO service excellence

Our Team

At ePlanet, we believe that people and business strategies are interconnected. We strive towards continuously enhancing our required organisational capability to achieve the most effective organisation structure, talent, and leadership to deliver and implement operational excellence in all of our client’s programs.

We possess the ability to attract, grow, and retain the required talent to ensure suitability of efforts towards achieving our clients’ business goals.
At ePlanet, we believe successful organizations must establish and reinforce a culture of accountability and ownership for results. Our strong leadership systematically influences the climate of our business which leads to improvement and value creation towards a progressive and innovative culture.

Our team doesn’t just understand the needs of the customer, they are experts at fulfilling them. With our multi-channel solutions in place, we increase brand recognition and our detailed analytics deliver key intelligence to our clients for important decision making, while connecting with your customers in ways that enhance their experience. Our team works in close collaboration with our clients at each step of the way, to ensure their campaign is set up to the optimal standards and utmost satisfaction and service levels are delivered at all times.

People Behind ePlanet

The ePlanet leadership team has a combined experience of 60 years in a variety of aspects of the global BPO industry. Overcoming complexity, driving collaboration, and technological advancements are the keys to our continuous business methodology.


Andres Patino

Business Development Manager.


Jalaluddin Soofi

Head of BPO Operations


Samantha Sands

Sr. Client Services Manager


Munawar Zulfiqar

Head of BD & Implementation


Ms. Zafar

Head of BPO, Business 
Optimization & Customer Exp.