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Direct Response

ePlanet was founded in 2003 solely for servicing Direct Response Trial customers, and through our success in the Direct Response industry, we have grown ever since to become a successful BPO. ePlanet’s longest standing client is in the Direct Response space. We call ourselves experts because over the last 13 years we have grown tremendously with our clients and have worked closely with them to overcome all hurdles and evolve on each step to make their business a long standing success.

Each aspect of our Direct Response Trial management solution is specially designed to work towards one major goal – increasing our clients’ bottom line!

Our operations and client services team work closely with our clients to ensure we formulate strategies designed for customer service, retention and sales to match the needs of your Direct Response Trial campaign.

With 60 years+ combined experience in Direct Response Trial, our highly experienced analytics team has developed methodologies to reduce Chargebacks and Refund percentages and increase average tickets for your campaign.

Our tried and tested, expert and specific methodologies are incorporated in our Direct Response Trial ‘standard operating procedures’, so our staff live and breathe Direct Response Trial management and are highly skilled at adding value to the customer’s experience, increasing your brand loyalty and customer confidence, and hence increasing the CLV to your business.

Our dedicated Workforce Management team monitors live results and provides the call center team with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly updates on their progress while also highlighting areas of improvements to ensure we deliver unwavering quality and customer engagement on each inbound or outbound customer interaction.


Guaranteed Reduction in Chargebacks Ratio

We at ePlanet know that preventing chargebacks is a key factor in retaining a customer. Understanding the intricacies of chargebacks is important and our team is highly trained in understanding and turning around the factors that result in Charge-backs. Our highly trained Subject Matter Expert staff is skilled at finding ways of resolving customer issues that satisfy the customer without resulting in a charge-back. We are tried and tested at delivering you desired refund % and ensuring your merchant account health is closely monitored and managed for optimal performance.

Customer Retention and Sales

With over 10 years of experience in delivering customer service and support to Direct Response Trial customers, ePlanet understands that the key differentiation in today’s dynamic environment is often the delivery of a consistently high standard of customer service. In this highly competitive world of Direct Response, retention is a major objective. We understand that a high churn rate and a low customer retention rate will result in a low Customer LTV for your DR Business.

Our team knows that successful customer retention starts with the first contact an organization has with a customer and continues throughout the entire lifetime of a relationship. Customer retention has a direct impact on profitability, and at ePlanet, our highly trained staff is skilled at customer retention methodologies in Direct Response Trial management to work towards retaining your customers whilst ensuring all the related metrics are also delivered, such as Chargeback reduction, Refund reduction, increasing average ticket and delivering skilled customer service resulting in higher customer satisfaction and retention and longevity of tenure of your Direct Response Trial customer through multiple re-bills cycles.

Our skilled, result-driven sales team is targeted at converting your leads into sales and ones that are quality sales. Our creative and rewarding sales remuneration systems are designed to encourage stringent compliance to policies and high conversion rates. Working with us you will see your BBB and AG complaints reduce exponentially and result in a directly proportional increase in your brand recognition and customer satisfaction, sales and retention rates.

We Provide Our Clients:

Financial service


At ePlanet we know that our Direct Response clients overcome a variety of challenges to ensure their campaigns get the right user at the right time, guiding them to an extremely optimized purchase or lead funnel, then driving the highest ROI possible on a daily basis.

ePlanet will help you maximize consumer reach and ROI, increase acquisition opportunities, deliver unsurpassed, highly skilled customer management, improved brand recognition, and customer retention at significantly lower operating costs.

We are not only experts at servicing your customers inbound requests to deliver optimal ROI results, but our highly skilled sales team can help you maximize your potential through our Outbound Sales and lead conversion.

We will not leave any stone unturned until you reach a considerable increase in your campaign’s ROI. We work in close collaboration with our clients to provide detailed analytics and advise them to ensure intelligent and timely decisions are taken for a better business outcome. Our clients get the best in all areas – customer service, campaign management, significantly low operating costs, detailed and efficient campaign analytics, IT team on hand to assist in ad hoc changes to reduce delivery times, higher customer retention, reduced chargebacks and refund %, and compliance and monitoring to ensure standards are met at all times – all working towards one goal, increasing your ROI.

We offer you the first step in the process of realizing the potential savings in partnering with ePlanet Communications Ltd.

Launch ROI Calculator


The question is, which analytical data set best caters to a variety of users of data for a DR Trial campaign. In trying to find the data sweet spot, some might say, a single data point isn’t all that useful for understanding how something works, but neither is a big pile of stats. Context is the key to making metrics actionable. But given all of the data and dashboards we’re dealing with, that process can be daunting and time consuming towards drawing conclusions from your data.

So how can you turn those numbers into something more — in an organized and thoughtful way?
Presenting ARC Score ™, at ePlanet Communications Ltd. we have transformed data into a meaningful story, in a structured way. Designed specifically for DR Trial and carefully considered aspects such as users of the data of DR Trial campaigns, need for simplified data analysis, customer experience design, visualization, context, trends and solutions and recommendations. ARC Score provides the full cycle view of your DR campaign’s profitability and provides future predictability of your marketing efforts, all in an extremely user-friendly and uniquely designed dashboard presentation.

At ePlanet we believe that context helps marketers make better decisions by drawing conclusions that are more meaningful and accurate. ARC Score ™ will assist you to create context around data to gain deeper insights and understand which actions should be taken using the data.

Product Portfolio for Direct Response Inbound & Outbound Call Center Services

Skin, Nutra, Diet, Sales and Lead Generation

Health Supplements, Performance Supplements

Student loan, Debt Relief, Payday and Installment Loans

Legal lead generation, Health insurance etc.