Financial Services Industry Profile

Financial service industry is faced with a wide variety of challenges, from ever-growing regulatory requirements, political and social issues influencing consumer behavior to an ever increasing competition in the market place.

ePlanet understands that the biggest differentiator for financial service industry is delivering a consistent and high level customer experience while overcoming the increasingly complex industry related challenges to maintain their competitive advantage.

ePlanet’s financial services BPO model is designed to provide relief to banking, financial services and insurance organizations to assist them in focusing their resources to their core function while we take care of their customer service and sales needs.

ePlanet offers comprehensive contact center and back-office processing services throughout the customer life-cycle – customer acquisition, application processing, customer care and retention, account administration, claims processing, and collections.

We deliver utmost care and a secure environment designed to replicate as if services were being provided within the financial institutions. High standards of quality and compliance remain at the core of our service delivery promise.


We Provide Our Clients:

Financial service

Who We Serve

  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment and retail Banks
  • Credit card companies


  • Customer service – comprehensive call center solutions
  • Sales – outbound sales and lead conversion
  • Back office services
  • Data entry
  • Online banking inquiries
  • Insurance claims inquiries
  • Surveys – inbound/outbound
  • Collections