Current Openings

IT Compliance Officer

Position Summary:
•    Developing, implementing and managing an organization’s compliance program
•    Conduct periodic internal reviews/audits to ensure that process and policies within the organization are being followed.
•    Monitors and coordinates compliance activities of System Admin department.
•    Develop and review company policies, plans, reports and maintain records
•    Regularly audit company procedures, policies, practices and identify and document the possible weakness and risk.
•    Resolving difficult legal compliance issues.
•    Identifying potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk.
•    Identifying areas of the business where there is a risk of noncompliance and develop policies to reduce that risk.
•    Making sure that compliance procedures, systems and controls are up to date and effective.
•    Track record of helping a company to maintain company policies and procedures, plans, manage risk, maintain a positive reputation Conflict Management.
•    Support Department by collecting and coordinating internal compliance data with auditors and various department s’ documentation management.
•    Create comprehensive system/network flow diagram with Microsoft Visio.
•    Create SLA reports on monthly basis 
•    Dealing with external parties over the phone and resolved the work related queries.
•    Renewal the Call Centre certificate by coordinating with PSEB.
•    Whitelisting the IP’s by coordinating with Transworld and PTA.
•    Make sure to complete work before the deadline and fulfilled the tasks as assigned.

•    Capable of generating Review/Audit checklists, Non-Compliance Reports 
•    Work well under pressure and have impressive stress management
•    Proven skill for creating and implementing controlled document processes
•    Risk Assessment capabilities
•    Communication skills
•    Problem Solving skills
•    Able to prioritize and delegate tasks
•    Outstanding time-management
•    Have an understanding of ISO 9001-2015, ISO 27001-2013, ISO 20000, PCI-DSS or (relative standards).
•    Strong knowledge of computer personal productivity software, including relevant applications such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, etc. is highly desirable.
•    Proficient in writing effective professional emails.
•    Experience in making procedures, policies, SLA, SOP, MOM, Reports, Plans, Charts, system/network diagrams etc.