Outbound Services

Outbound Services

Being an industry leading sales call center, we at ePlanet Communications provide specialized outbound programs that focus on everything from sales, sales qualification and lead warm up, surveys, to retention programs, customer care outreach, and product promotion. We take pride in our personalized approach and high performance levels. Our sales driven specialists are experienced in initiating outbound campaigns that exceed project objectives and generate desired results.

Sales B2B

When we talk about business to business sales, there is no such thing as a universal fit. Our approach is specially customized for each client in order to better serve their specific business customers. Before we get in touch with your prospective client, we learn about their business and research, and determine how our offer can add value and increase their bottom-line. This ensures that our goal oriented callers are perceived as a business opportunity rather than an inconvenience, and are far more likely to seal the deal.

Customer Win Back

When it comes to elevating your company’s image, winning back a lost customers goes a long way in building customer loyalty and increasing your customer base. Showing a lost customer that you care about their experience not only makes them feel special, but also makes you extraordinary in their eyes as well. Our highly skilled sales representatives are trained to place outbound calls to your lost customers to try and win them back. We train our agents to research and analyze the needs of the customer, and offer them an appropriate solution rather than pushing for a price based sale. Our focus on the knowledge and skill development of our employees guarantees increased conversion and contact rates, ultimately yielding better sales and winning lost customers back.

Subscription Renewals

If your business is based on subscriptions and renewals, you need dedicated personnel who are adept at retaining customers. Irrespective of the many automated task managers and reminders, a significant amount of subscriptions are lost by failure to directly inform the customers of the renewal time. Our courteous call center agents contact subscribers at the right time and give them a friendly reminder about the renewal. If they sense any hesitation from the subscriber, they are trained to troubleshoot the problem and convince the customer to remain loyal by offering available promotions or discounts and employ up-sell and cross-sell techniques to bundle an offer to win back the trust of your subscriber. Our solutions help you increase revenue and productivity while reducing any stress or concerns regarding subscription renewals.

Sales B2C

When it comes to building valuable relationships with customers, sales representatives are critical players on the front lines. We have a highly trained and dedicated staff of managers, supervisors, and salespeople who are not just experts at making initial sales, but excel in forging relationships that keep the customers loyal. By employing the latest technology and industry practices that complement our sales force, we aim to deliver quality solutions that are tailor made to suit your unique needs. This allows you to stay focused on the bigger picture and dedicate your time to the strategic needs of your growing business.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers serve an integral role in evaluating and maintaining the quality of your operations. We offer our clients some of the best project based mystery shopping solutions. Our highly trained staff completes an online form containing checks and balances to make sure that the shopper reports accurately on each call and customer attributes. Depending on the requirements of the project, we offer additional training to our staff to help them understand what to observe and listen for. We encourage calibration sessions between our team and the client to mesh marketing and sales priorities for our clients.