celebrating over a decade of BPO service excellence

celebrating over a decade
of BPO service excellence

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At ePlanet Communications, we make every effort to ensure that our clients are provided with the best quality service at all times. When we think quality, we don’t just think call monitoring, we enforce total quality management system, which allow our team to monitor calls, complete monitoring forms, analyze results, and provide agents feedback and coaching plans. Team supervisors use these tools and systems to track agents on specific client calls as well as evaluate overall quality and performance.

We employ a three tier approach to ensure quality is maintained in every customer interaction.

Performance Management

Prior to the program launch, the National Accounts Manager coordinates with the client to schedule periodic call calibration meetings. During the calibration process, the Quality Assurance Analyst works with the client and the ePlanet team to identify possible gaps, discrepancies or problems that may need to be addressed in monitoring and training sessions. This ensures that the QA analysts are aligned with the team and are well aware of the client’s requirements.

Quality Index and Trend Analysis

The QA analyst documents scores during the calibration process in order to better track trends in quality management. This helps identify and analyze specific areas where the team can expect discrepancies and can evolve their methods to avoid any problems and ensure all processes run smoothly.

Quality Calibration and Process Management

The Quality Manager works in close coordination with the Quality Assurance Analyst to manage call quality. Their team coordinates with the client and call center representatives on a bi-weekly or monthly basis while holding ongoing meetings with each contact center that is handling the client’s calls to ensure that all concerned parties are aligned with the goals and objectives of the program. Script and program specifics are evaluated and necessary changes are made to deliver the highest quality standards and improve overall call flow. Our goal for the client’s program is to attain 90% or higher in the quality of call handling. If this goal is not being met at any point of the program, an immediate plan of action is developed and on-going results are reported to the Call Center Manager, National Account Manager’s (NAM’s), Program Supervisors, Director of Training and Quality.

We can say with absolute certainty that when you sign up with ePlanet communications, you sign up with extraordinary excellence in quality.