In today’s world, delivering a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels is an essential element for success. Due to the recent explosion of digital and social media, customers expect to be able to reach companies at any time and from anywhere; their voices and concerns have an instantaneous impact on your brand. Hence, providing timely multichannel customer support is imperative in today’s customer-centric marketing landscape.

Social Care

We at ePlanet Communications match and surpass the continually rising customer expectations with our team of proactive social and digital call center experts delivering a high-value Digital experience to the consumer. We provide end-to-end solutions to keep up with consumer demands and provide substantial assistance to our clients with a fast, accurate and comprehensive response to their queries.

Our “Voice of the Customer” surveys provide insights that enable you to customize your products and services to better meet your customers needs. Our “Proactive Decisions” support services provide real-time recommendations to drive agent actions and maximize the potential of each customer contact.

Six-Step Approach to Engage

Handling customer queries and alarms over a call is the traditional way of hearing, but digitally, if done well, can bring a shift in the customer’s behavior that can result in generating positivity.

Instant Response

Imagine that your customer is going to buy your product. The processes they will be facing before the purchase will be: Research, Comparison, Feedback, Suggestions, Reviews, and Recommendations. But what if instead of engaging in this hassle they have the ability to directly speak with your brand or company on the digital sphere? Giving your consumer the option to directly interact with your brand or company without the added effort of picking a phone, will ensure a reduction in consumer dissatisfaction and an increase in overall brand image.

Proactive Digital Engagement

Handling customer queries and alarms over a call is the traditional way of hearing, but digitally, if done well, can bring a shift in the customer’s behavior that can result in generating positivity. This multi-channel medium is flexible and allows engagement in a prompt manner, producing interactions related to the brand.


If your customers are broadcasting in the digital space, you need to exist there first.


We keep an eye on competitors, products and trends that will benefit your business in recruiting more audience.


We categorize the digital chatter related to your brand in order to know who has to respond and in what manner.


Engaging with the relevant audience is necessary to increase your digital reach.


The nature of the digital space is such that a satisfied customer will generate positive word-of-mouth and will help you get more.


Inspiring positive sentiments and endorsements will always make you look worthy and influential.

Social Media advocates

Setting up a digital customer support for your company or brand doesn’t mean creating your Twitter or Facebook presence and simply giving your customer the access to divert their queries and alarms your way. It is a unit that empowers you to build better a connection and establish a level of satisfaction with your customer. The process, if done right, can change the undesirable sentiments in your customer to positivity can convert them into brand advocates.

Digital 360

Since the amount of internet users, specifically mobile users, are significantly increasing day by day, there’s no negating that digital media will stay within arm’s reach in the long run, which means engaging with the audience is mandatory.

If you want to stay connected, engaged and updated with your customers, you need a well prepared and well oriented strategy. We offer a 360 degree solution which caters to the whole digital media sphere and deals with your customers on a regular basis, across all the mediums.